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19 Morale Multiplying Motivational Gifts for Employees

19 Morale Multiplying Motivational <br>Gifts for Employees
published: January 17, 2023

In a successful business, all team members need some level of motivation, even those who aren’t in positions of leadership. And motivation is contagious – once one person becomes passionate about a new project, product, or process, everyone else suddenly takes an interest in it too.

Positivity is key for top work team performance. Employee motivation gifts are an incredibly effective way to create a work culture of appreciation that engages employees and gets them excited to be part of your company. Inspire them with these motivational gift ideas for teams.

1. Thank You Daisies Modern Sprout® Tiny Terracotta Grow Kit

Flowers and plants are a great way to say thank you, but they’re often very temporary. Most people love the look of a plant on a windowsill, but few people have the dedication to keep it alive. Our Thank You Daisies Modern Sprout® Tiny Terracotta Grow Kit is a great corporate motivational gift that’s designed to require little maintenance; it includes everything the recipient will need to get the plant growing, as well as a self-watering system.

2. High Five Highlighter

Multicolored highlighters are a lot of fun, but it’s difficult to keep track of them all. Our High Five Highlighter is a cute motivational gift that keeps all five colors in one place with a fun personalized hand design. It’s a useful little gadget for a desk and a perfect office giveaway.

Rockstar Word Cloud Laser Engraved Basecamp Tundra Bottle

3. Rockstar Word Cloud Laser Engraved Basecamp Tundra Bottle

If you’re stuck on motivational gift ideas for employees, you can’t go wrong with a water bottle or tumbler. Our Rockstar Word Cloud Laser Engraved Basecamp Tundra Bottle can be personalized with an inspirational message to remind recipients that they’re appreciated with every sip.

InstaCake Appreciation Cake in a Card

4. InstaCake Appreciation Cake in a Card

Your employees don’t need to be skilled bakers to enjoy our InstaCake Appreciation Cake in a Card. This unusual appreciation card includes everything they’ll need to bake a cake – all in a compact mailable package that makes a good motivational item for employees working from home.

Big Sound Button

5. Big Sound Button

Our Big Sound Button is sure to make your voice heard, whether you want to communicate a motivational, funny, or appreciative message to your employees. You can also use them to announce sales goals reached throughout the week. These buttons are programmed with a 10-second sound message recorded by you. At the push of a button, recipients can hear a positive reminder any time they’re feeling down or uninspired.

Five Piece BBQ Set

6. Five Piece BBQ Set

If your employees are about to take a well-earned summer vacation, our 5 pc. BBQ Set might be the perfect way to send them off. Nothing says summer like a good old-fashioned barbeque. Beach or backyard cookouts let your employees recharge and develop their relationships with loved ones. When they return, they’ll be happier, healthier individuals who are ready to add their unique contributions to your workplace environment.

BCastelli® Tucson Slim Medium Ivory Journal

7. Castelli® Tucson Slim Medium Ivory Journal

It’s often easy for employees to let work take control of their lives – and though complete dedication to your business sounds great to a business owner, it ultimately doesn’t encourage a healthy environment. Encourage individuals to take some time to reflect with our customized Castelli® Tucson Slim Medium Ivory Journal, a motivational business gift that everyone will find a use for.

MopTopper™ Eye-Popping Thumbs Up Phone Stand

8. MopTopper™ Eye-Popping Thumbs Up Phone Stand

Looking for cheap motivational gifts that won’t break the bank? Our adorable MopTopper™ Eye-Popping Thumbs Up Phone Stand is a funny motivational gift that’s sure to brighten everyone’s day.

Fairytale Brownies® Custom 8-Sprite Box

9. Fairytale Brownies® Custom 8-Sprite Box

Everyone loves motivational gift boxes that include treats, so gift your employees brownies with our Fairytale Brownies® Custom 8-Sprite Box. Hand these gourmet brownies out during the holidays, at an appreciation event, or just because. The brownies come in a variety of flavors and are hand-packed in a customized favor box that adds a luxurious feel to these inexpensive motivational gifts for employees.

Speckled Camp Mug, Coca & S’mores Gift Set

10. Speckled Camp Mug, Coca & S’mores Gift Set

Our Speckled Camp Mug, Cocoa & S’mores Gift Set isn’t just for dedicated campers – parents can simply enjoy a sticky s’more with their kids in the backyard or drink a cup of warm cocoa on the couch. These inexpensive motivational gift kits hold everything they’ll need, including a camp mug personalized with an inspirational quote of your choice.

Inspirational Coloring Book & 8-Color Pencil Set

11. Inspirational Coloring Book & 8-Color Pencil Set

Bring out the creativity in your employees with an Inspirational Coloring Book & 8-Color Pencil Set. These bulk motivational gifts are compact and feature fun inspirational sayings like “Don’t let fear stop you” and “Make yourself proud” so coloring can become a way for employees to re-energize themselves.

Life Savers® Candy Roll

12. Life Savers® Candy Roll

Sweeten the atmosphere in your workplace with our custom Life Savers® Candy Roll. Sometimes the smallest, cheapest inspirational gifts for employees can make the biggest difference. These little candies will give them a little boost of energy and just might make their day.

Self-Care Tea Gift Set

13. Self-Care Tea Gift Set

Individuals within a business sometimes feel that they’re just employees. Let your employees know that you see them as valuable individuals with our Self-Care Tea Gift Set, a motivational gift basket that encourages self-care, reflection and relaxation.

Billboard Light Box- Large

14. Billboard Light Box- Large

Each week, find a new inspirational message to display on our Billboard Light Box- Large. A few simple words personalized for your team make a great inexpensive motivational gift.

Sand Free Game Beach Blanket

15. Sand Free Game Beach Blanket

Remind your employees to take some time to be kids again with our Sand Free Game Beach Blanket. With a tic-tac-toe board and target printed on the blanket, adults and kids alike can enjoy some relaxing competition.

Bamboo Soy Candle

16. Bamboo Soy Candle

Give the gift of peacefulness and calm with our Bamboo Soy Candle, which helps lighten moods and calm anxiety. These motivational corporate gifts change the ambience of any room.

Budget Boat Tote

17. Budget Boat Tote

Our Budget Boat Totes make great motivational gifts for teachers, nurses, and anyone else who needs to carry many items around. These totes are handy, sturdy, and stylish – and they can be imprinted with a business logo, motivational quote, or inspirational image.

20 Microfoil® Star Balloon

18. 20" Microfoil® Star Balloon

Balloons aren’t just for birthdays – print an inspirational quote or word on them and they become a great employee motivational gift. Tie our 20" Microfoil® Star Balloons to employees’ desks to get them in a festive spirit.

2023 Motivations Calendar

19. 2023 Motivations Calendar

Christmas is the perfect excuse for holiday gifts. Hand out our 2023 Motivations Calendar along with your corporate Christmas gifts at your end-of-year celebration. This calendar’s dynamic photographs, inspirational quotes, and sleek pad design will keep your employees sticking to those New Year’s resolutions day after day.

Employee appreciation is an important and often underrated area in business. Everyone needs recognition and affirmation, regardless of the industry they work in or the position they hold within your organization. Provide that motivation through employee morale gifts and swag items and watch your workplace culture thrive. Gifts don’t need to be expensive – we offer employee gift ideas for every budget and event. If you would like to let your staff choose their own motivational gifts, consider creating a custom online company store.