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Best Personalized Drinkware with Straws –
Tumblers, Mugs, Cups & Bottles

Best Personalized Drinkware with Straws – Tumblers, Mugs, Cups & Bottles
published: February 24, 2023

It’s easy to see why custom drinkware is such a popular corporate gift: active employees want their favorite beverages on the go, and the health benefits of staying hydrated are clearer than ever. Customized tumblers with straws are a great way to encourage employees, customers and other stakeholders to consume more fluids while raising awareness of your corporate brand throughout the community.

Personalized tumblers with straws deliver the perfect combination for eco- and health-conscious individuals. The built-in straws mean a reduction in the use of disposable plastic straws that are so often cited as harming wildlife. At the same time, Runner’s World notes that “when you drink out of a straw you are more likely to take down more ounces than you would if you were just sipping,” helping to ensure healthy hydration.

Ready to give your employees, customers, and stakeholders top quality gifts at an affordable price? Check out our top picks for the best tumblers with straws.

Best Insulated Cups with Straws

Best Custom Plastic Cups with Lids & Straws

Whether you’re looking for great customized tumbler cups with straws for students to take to sporting events or employees to use during a company picnic, check out these many options. Our 17 oz Chameleon Stadium Cup with Lid and Straw includes an imprinted cup, frosted lid, and blank straw. This stadium cup, made of durable plastic, changes colors with ice cold liquids.

Other top-selling customized tumblers with straws include:
Best Custom Plastic Cups with Lids & Straws

Best Personalized Water Bottles with Straws

Best Personalized Water Bottles with Straws
Best Personalized Water Bottles with Straws 2

Whether your employees are looking for a way to stay hydrated at meetings throughout the day or during a weekend hike, these personalized water bottles with straws are the perfect solution. Our 25 fl oz Columbia® Tritan Water Bottle with Straw Top is a BPA-free water bottle made of Tritan™ co-polyester plastic that features a screw on polypropylene lid, PE plastic straw with soft tip and a tab that pops open. Its ergonomic body makes this water bottle easy to hold.

Some favorite name brand personalized water bottles with straws are:

Best Custom Tumblers with Straws

If you’re looking for a great corporate giveaway, check out these personalized tumblers with straws. We offers drinkware made from stainless steel, plastic, acrylic and glass to meet any portable tumbler preference. It’s all about keeping recipients near their favorite beverages to keep their energy up and their bodies hydrated.

Best Personalized Stainless-Steel Tumblers with Straws

Many people prefer a stainless-steel customized tumbler with straw to hold their favorite beverage throughout the day. Our 22 oz Thor Copper Vacuum Insulated Tumbler is a durable, double-wall stainless steel vacuum tumbler with copper insulation. It keeps beverages cold for 24 hours or hot for at least six hours. Its construction prevents condensation on the outside of the tumbler and features a wide opening, push-on lid, and Eastman Tritan™ straw.

For the best insulated tumbler with straw, check out these other options:
Best Personalized Water Bottles with Straws
Best Stainless-Steel Travel Mugs with Straws & Handles

Best Stainless-Steel Travel Mugs with Straws & Handles

Your most important stakeholders will appreciate these super-popular, retail-inspired customized cups with straws for all their beverage needs. Our 32 oz Terrain Thermal Mug features double wall 18/8 stainless steel with copper vacuum insulation. Its threaded lid, matching flip-up spout, soft straw, wide handle, and powder coated finish makes the perfect home for your company’s logo and brand.

Other personalized stainless steel tumblers with straws include:

Best Iced Coffee Tumblers with Straws

Do your employees love their iced coffee? Encourage their hydration habits by gifting a custom tumbler with straw. Our 16 oz Made in the USA Tumbler w/Lid & Straw is made from renowned Tritan™ plastic, making it crystal clear and impact- and shatter-resistant. Your logo and corporate branding will be safely sealed between two walls, protecting it from wear and tear. Its double wall prevents sweating from cold fluids and burning from piping hot ones.

Explore these alternative insulated tumblers with lids and straws:

Best Personalized Skinny Tumblers with Straw

If you’re looking for a clean, sleek look, consider buying our personalized skinny tumblers with straws for your next trade show, employee recognition event, or community activity. Our 22 oz Coronado Straw Tumbler are designed to easily drink, sip and seal. Take advantage of our laser engraved stainless-steel tumbler to be the perfect giveaway. It does double duty, keeping your employees and clients close to their favorite drinks while keeping your brand top of mind. Featuring a double-wall construction, these tumblers have a wide opening for adding ice and come with a Tritan™ straw with silicone tip and a Tritan/stainless-steel lid.

Peruse our other slim custom tumbler cups with straws →

Best Clear Acrylic Tumblers with Straws

Although these personalized cups with straws look like disposable tumblers, they are completely reusable, helping recipients stay hydrated while being kinder to the environment. Our 16 oz Evolve Tumbler Mood Straw - Full Color shows off your brand on a BPA-free, double-walled tumbler that keeps drinks colder longer. Your employees, clients or students will love its color-changing straw.

← Check out these other favorites

Best Customized Glass Tumblers with Straws

If your recipients prefer to drink out of glass tumblers, do not fret, we are here to deliver. We offer affordable, durable options for your personalized glass drinkware. The 20 oz Ello® Devon Glass Tumbler features a wide mouth for ice cubes and easy cleaning. Its friction-fit real wood lid prevents splashes on-the-go, and its odor- and stain-free to provide clean-tasting beverages. Made from extra-thick glass, this tumbler has a protective silicone boot to prevent breakage.

Here are a few more popular glass tumbler options:
Best Customized Glass Tumblers with Straws

Whether you’re looking for inexpensive water bottles, reusable straws, personalized mason jars, custom insulated tumblers with straws, or any other corporate gift for your next big employee, customer or community event, we are ready to help.

When it comes to offering custom drinkware like personalized insulated tumblers with straws or cups made from acrylic, stainless steel, plastic, or glass, we offer a wide variety so you can find the perfect gift for those stakeholders most important to you. Give them a useful and much appreciated customized tumbler, encouraging healthy drinking habits, reducing disposable cup usage, and promoting your corporate brand.